ACB Group is a family business which has specialised in toll manufacturing, and has researched into, produced and supplied road marking paint and coatings since 1990. We are the market leader in Belgium for road marking products and a renowned player in the international market. We owe that position to our high-quality products, qualitative and caring customer service, and a continuous pursuit of perfection.

As supplier and manufacturer, we have the ambition to offer our clients premium quality. That is why we are committed to innovation, customisation and sustainable, ecologically responsible production processes.

The best product at the best price

ACB Group is an international company that delivers products all over the world. The advantage? You get the best product at the best price, because thanks to our international presence and our extensive network, we can buy high-quality raw materials where and when they are most profitable. Thus, we can offer you a premium product at the best possible price.

Cooperation with a specialised partner

ACB Group strives for optimal service. That is why we have closed a cooperation agreement with the British company WJ. This company is the number one specialist in preformed thermoplastics for road markings in the United Kingdom. Thanks to this cooperation, ACB Group is the only Belgian manufacturer of preformed thermoplastics for road markings. 

Strong in toll manufacturing

The innovative production lines of ACB Group are perfect for toll manufacturing. ACB Group offers you the right solution when you want to manufacture a certain product, but you do not have the appropriate installation, permits or required capacity, and you therefore have to outsource your production process. Our highly trained staff, strict quality standards and automated processes that comply with all regulations, make us a reliable partner for manufacturing.