Applied media

ACB produces and delivers exceptionally heavy-duty tape for inside and out. This tape is resistant to heavy traffic by both people and vehicles. You can use this adhesive tape either as a temporary or permanent solution.

Our outdoor floor tape bonds to almost any surface, including asphalt, concrete and paving. However, some pavements require an adhesion primer.

Our interior floor tape also adheres to almost any surface, including parquet, ceramic tiles and concrete.

Heavy-duty tape is ideal for floor signage, floor brands and floor advertising where safety, durability and clean removal are important. A perfect application for platforms, shopping centres, trade stands, car parks, sports centres, footbridges and other areas with a very high footfall.

In addition, applied media are ideal for visualisation and signage. Examples include mandatory and prohibitory signs in an industrial environment or in car parks and warehouses.


  • Based on a specialised blend of polymers and fibres with exceptional durability and strength
  • An advanced adhesive system that ensures strong adhesion in situ and leaves no trace of adhesive upon removal
  • Full colour, digitally printed with the latest 5-colour UV ink technology
  • Image protection by a hard-wearing, clear coating
  • High slip resistance due to a special mixture of aggregates
  • Fully cleanable


Benefits of applied media

  • The high degree of roughness reduces the risk of skidding
  • Easy removal without trace
  • Highly detailed prints
  • Easy to apply
  • No need for templates  
  • Both horizontally and vertically
  • Highly abrasion-resistant

Are you looking for detailed, user-friendly, highly adhesive and wear-resistant applied media with a lower risk of skidding?