B2B Coatings

Is your company in need of high-quality coatings to protect your products and colours? Then ACB Group is your partner, because we deliver durable coatings for tiles and roof tiles in a B2B context all over the world. Know-how, flexibility and customisation are the key words here.

Implementation support

You can apply the coatings to your tiles or roof tiles directly in your factory. We adjust the composition of your coating on the basis of different parameters, such as the surface, gloss level and colour. Do you need help with the implementation of our products to your product line? Our specialists will gladly pay you a visit. With ACB Group you can count on premium quality products and an extensive customer support. 

Anti-graffiti coatings

Has a graffiti artist defiled the beautiful wall of your company? Has your entrance been targeted by the king of the spray can? ACB Group offers you a wide range of products for removing graffiti. Each product has been designed to prevent damage or discolouration of the surface. Do you prefer to work proactively? Then opt for our anti-graffiti coatings that will protect any surface (façade walls, bus shelters, trains, etc.).