ACB Group offers a solution for all your marking and coating challenges. Do you need paints or coatings with a special composition or in a specific colour? Or are there special requirements that your products must meet? Then we are willing and able to develop your customised paints or coatings. 

Pioneer work

ACB Group has its own R&D department. In our four high-tech laboratories, our engineers perform pioneer work by developing customised paints and coatings. When you provide us with a demand for customised work, we first discuss your expectations with you, down to the smallest detail. Based on that information, we conduct a feasibility study. Can we meet your needs? Then we start the production process. 

Collaboration and exchanging knowledge

In order to offer you the best results, we collaborate with knowledge institutions such as universities and research laboratories. This exchange of expertise ensures that we are always up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies in our industry. Your advantage? Your customised paints and coatings are always of the highest quality.