ACB Group is the industry leader for the production of paints and thermoplastics for road markings. Our products are designed to increase the safety of road users and the quality of the road infrastructure. That is why we supply our products only to contractors who pursue that same goal and who have proven expertise. We respect the strictest quality standards and production processes. Thus you can be sure of the quality of our paints and thermoplastics for road markings.

Customised road markings

Our paints and thermoplastic solutions are suitable for any and all applications. Need to mark roads, parking lots or cycling paths? With our many years of experience and expertise, you will always get the best road marking. Your guarantee? All our products are certified. You can choose from:

  • One component road marking paint on an acrylic basis: solventborne or waterborne paints for spraying or applying manually
  • Thermoplastic solutions: preformed or in powder form
  • Two component cold plastic: road marking paint to apply manually or with special machines

Indoor linings

Especially for your indoor markings, ACB Group has developed a separate range of wear-resistant, highly adhesive and chemical-resistant products in over thirty colours. These products are suitable for linings in buildings and for the colouring of large floor surfaces. You can choose from:

  • Trioxol VV EP: a two component epoxy with a very good wear and chemical resistance, ideal for e.g. company floors and underground parking garages
  • Trioxol VV PU: a two component coating on a basis of polyurethane with a very good wear resistance, flexibility and a high UV resistance, ideal for brightly lit spaces such as showrooms
  • Cold Plast: a two component coating on a basis of methyl methacrylate, with a short hardening time, available in several variations of rigidity