ACB Group strives to create a product range that answers all your needs for linings and markings. Therefore, in addition to a comprehensive assortment of high quality and durable road marking paints, we also offer a wide range of thermoplastics for the most diverse applications. Preformed or in powder form, to burn, spray or pour, for large or small surfaces: at ACB Group, you will always find the thermoplastic that perfectly meets your expectations. 

Safe, durable and user-friendly

Safety. Durability. Usability. These are the three pillars in the development of our thermoplastics. We produce specialised quality products with different grades of rigidity and retro-reflection. Is it dark? Then the linings and markings in thermoplastic remain perfectly visible. Is it raining? Then they reduce the risk of skidding to a minimum. In short: our thermoplastics ensure optimal safety in all conditions.



The number one preformed thermoplastics for horizontal safety markings on roads.

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The ideal preformed thermoplastics for horizontal markings in playgrounds and play areas.

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The perfect preformed thermoplastics for horizontal markings with a personal touch to boost your image.

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