ACB has developed a range of floor paints for any application. From heavy-duty industrial floors to high-quality coatings that add extra shine to your showroom, yet equally suitable for your garage at home.

ACB can produce floor paints in practically any Ral colour. These colours are not just attractive and informative; they also increase safety. Without realising it, everyone comes into contact with it every day. Just think of walkways in factories, coloured parking levels to find your car more easily or hatched danger zones



  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Factory spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Garages
  • Showrooms
  • Stables
  • ...




Trioxol VV EP: solvent-borne epoxy

  • Designed for applying lines or coatings on industrial floors, warehouses or car parks.
  • This wear- and chemical-resistant 2K coating is highly suitable for application with a roller or airless marking machine.

Trioxol VV PU: solvent-borne polyurethane

  • This high-gloss coating has been developed for applying lines or coatings on floors that are frequently exposed to sunlight, e.g. a showroom.  
  • This coating can be applied with a roller or airless marking machine.

Trioxol WB EP: water-borne epoxy

  • This water-borne 2K epoxy is the solution for large and rough surfaces.
  • This coating combines the strengths of a water-based system (no odours, no VOCs, etc.) with those of an epoxy (wear resistance, chemical resistance, etc.).

Trioxol WB PE mat: water-borne epoxy  

  • Different applications often require a different appearance and degree of roughness. This is why ACB has also developed a matt version of the epoxy.

Trioxol WB PU: water-borne polyurethane

  • This water-borne 2K coating is the counterpart of the solvent-borne polyurethanes.
  • This coating knows virtually no dirt intake, keeping the lines and surfaces visible for longer.

Are you looking for a high-quality floor paint for every surface possible?