Surface treatment

There may be various reasons to colour larger surfaces of concrete or asphalt: the visual aspect, after repairs in case of slight cracking or an increase in friction value (ESHP).

ACB has developed customised products for this: a cold plastic system or a hybrid cold plastic system with PU. Optionally, you can sprinkle with bauxite or another aggregate to obtain very high friction values. It is also possible to already process the bauxite in the coating.


  • Areas where shorter stopping distances are desirable, e.g. a school environment or dangerous crossing
  • Areas where a functional colour is needed e.g. indicating EV charging points or a school environment
  • Repairing slight cracks



Liparoad 7000 range

  • In this range, we have developed a number of products specifically for surface treatment
  • These products make a huge contribution to improving road safety.

Are you looking for a surface treatment and improved road safety?